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Basics from Risk & Rigor: Intro, Purpose, Method, and How To's 

The following three chapters (click on titles for pdf(s) present an introduction to decision analysis in a legal context: an overview of its purpose, a discussion of its logic, and a step-by-step introduction to the basic method.  


The introduction to the book discusses the purpose of decision tree analysis in a legal context (and provides an overview of the structure of the book.

This chapter​ introduces basic definitions and the method's utility for lawyers and clients.

Before teaching any mechanics or math, this chapter was written to ground the reader in the method's underlying logic and significance, and why the tree structure and arithmetic calculations work as they do.

This chapter walks the reader through the basics, step by step by step. For each juncture, there is an example and a tree, as well as a link to videos  (with voice-overs) demonstrating how a "tree-builder" would hand draw and do the math, where necessary.   If you access the pdfs, the llinks should be live.  This website also contains a page with links to all of the numbered videos in the chapter, and you can click here to access that page.

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