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At present, the only videos we have demonstrating the method are the ones below (showing  Professor Aaron teaching the basics).  We are eager to post other videos. Please contact us if  you have one or would like to create one. 

[Links to these videos can also be found in the Teaching Materials section of this site.]

Pure Past Employment Litigation In Prose and On Decision Trees, Assessing the Case, Advising the Client 

This video shows experienced plaintiff's employment attorney, Kelly Mulloy Myers, Esq., counseling a client in preparation for possible settlement in a pending mediation.  The "Pure Past" fact pattern is a case involving claims of disability and age discrimination, as well as violation of FMLA rights.  Attorney Myers skillfully walks her client through the legal issues, risks, and damages, initially using "scratch pad" calculations, and then with a formal decision tree analysis.  The Pure Past case, written by Marjorie Aaron, is attached, as are three examples of decision trees that track the legal issues in the case.  In the video, you can see counsel showing two of these decision trees to her client. 

Here are the Pure Past decision trees (with roll back calculations) and the Pure Past case simulation facts for both sides.  (Please note that the analysis provided is only from the plaintiff's perspective.)

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